Top Down Stealth Toolkit for Unreal Engine Marketplace

The Top Down Stealth Toolkit is a pure blueprint framework that enables quick & easy creation of stealth games from a top down perspective. It is now available in the Unreal Engine Marketplace at:

- Top Down Camera Perspective.
- Patrol Guards that can respond to multiple types of stimuli including the player character, incapacitated team mates, alarms, & other types of noises.
- Cameras, Motion Sensors, Laser Security Systems, & Turrets function as supporting entities to assist the Patrol Guards & provide additional layers of challenge to the player.

- Use Whistle, Gadgets, Suit Abilities, & Weapons to distract or disable AI Bots.

- Gadgets: Proximity ShockMine.

- Suit Abilities: EMP Blast.

- Weapons: Stun Gun, Hand Gun, & Silenced Hand Gun.

- Place Exit Point & collectible Gems across the level to drive the core gameplay.

- The Loadout Menu at level startup enables selection of Gadgets through player driven choices.

- A persistent Mission Stats system that provides High Score information at the end of a level.

- Dynamic Vision Arcs, Noise Pulse Emitters, Range Decals, & AI State Display Icons accurately portray information about the AI Perception Status to the player, thus providing the tools to make calculated decisions.

Technical Details:

- The Suit Abilities, Gadgets, Weapon Systems, & Stamina Management for the player character, & Dynamic Vision Arcs, Laser Tracking, & Patrol Waypoint systems for the AI Bots are handled through the use of custom components & interfaces. The component based design provides improved modularity & enables easy integration with different classes.

- Variables are categorized into 'User Defined' & 'Automatically Set' to facilitate identification of customizable parameters.

- The Vision Arc Optimizer actor provides performance boost by removing rendering calculations for Vision Arcs outside the screenspace.

- Blueprint function library employed to easily retrieve references to core gameplay actors from all blueprints.

- Event driven logic used predominantly over continuously ticking services for HUD updates.

- Ranged Patrol Guards & Turrets use Laser Tracking components to acquire & lock on to targets.

- The Game Mode handles initialization of all core gameplay actors from a single central location using a linear workflow design.

- The Player Controller acts as a conduit for all low level HUD update requests, while the Game Instace & HUD classes manage high level HUD changes.
- The Gadget Selection menu is populated dynamically based on information specified in the Gadget Data Array, thus eliminating the need for manual HUD changes when adding/removing gadgets.

Intended Platform: Windows

Optimized for: Unreal Engine v4.10 & v4.11

Preview Screenshots:

Preview Video: 

For more information, check out the official Unreal Engine forum thread: