Top Down Stealth Toolkit v1.2 Update Dev Log #1: Laser Security Systems

The v1.2 update for Top Down Stealth Toolkit will feature a new Laser Security system that can alert nearby patrol bots upon being intercepted by the player character. 

The user can specify the length, max height, starting laser position, etc directly through publicly exposed variables [screenshot below; variables names subject to change] to easily change the properties of individual actors in the scene. The max height of the player character can also be set to change the color of the laser accordingly, thus providing the player with the tools to time their decisions.

Since the camera & turret AI already showcase how to use direct math calculation & interp to enable both passive surveillance as well as active lock on systems, I decided to use timelines here to drive the laser movement. It's an easy setup, that uses the same Alarm Target actors that are used by camera bots to trigger alarms.

Here's a preview video of the Laser Security systems in action:

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