Top Down Stealth Toolkit v1.2 Update Dev Log #2: Mission Timers & Persistent High Scores

I've been thinking about adding some new features to the End Game HUD apart from the default 'Restart' & 'Exit' options. So it seemed like a sensible option to include time stats for the mission. It could also serve as a lightweight tutorial of sorts for how to implement basic save game functionality, as the high score would have to be retrieved & edited across multiple instances of the game. So basically, new data gets displayed & saved based on comparison between the values of new completion time for the level as well as any existing high scores. Here's a preview screenshot for the same:

The time stats are automatically hidden if the player fails to complete the level, thus leaving only the restart & exit options. Apart from that, the main Top Down HUD also displays the mission timer so that players can keep track of the current status of the game.

That's all for this post. I'm planning to add a few more features over the next couple of days before submitting the update to the marketplace. Nothing major, just a few small feature requests that I've received. I don't want this update to make too many changes to the vanilla 4.11 version as the files are essentially getting replaced unlike the previous update where the updated files were made exclusively through 4.11 version without impacting the 4.10 project files.