Tower Defense Starter Kit v1.2 Update Dev Log #2: Level Selection Menu

Apart from the Artillery Tower mentioned in an earlier post [Link:], the other new feature that will be available in the v1.2 update for Tower Defense Starter Kit is a Level Selection Menu. With this new system, the player can choose from any of the unlocked levels in the project when starting a game. As the player progresses through the campaign, more levels will get unlocked automatically which then gets reflected in the menu & remains persistent throughout subsequent instances of the game. The player can also choose between the default campaign mode or the endless mode before starting a level.

The list of levels as well as information about the selected level are displayed dynamically at runtime based on the information specified in the Level Data Array by the designer as well as the changes that have been made to it throughout later instances of the game. The dynamic nature of the menu system enable the developers to add new levels & the associated information into the Level Data Array without worrying about handmade changes to the HUD.

Moving on to the specifics, the unlocked levels are listed using a scrollbox that uses custom widgets as it's children, while the level information showcases how to use vertical boxes to display UI elements. Apart from the Level Selection Menu, I've added a very minimalist Main Menu as well as some improvements to the End Game HUD. The End Game HUD is now neatly structured using a vertical box which dynamically alters itself based on the end result of the current level. For example, the Continue button is displayed only when the following conditions are satisfied: the player has completed the current level; & there are further levels to unlock after the current level. An additional option has also been added to return to the Main Menu from the End Game HUD.

Here's a short preview video of the Level Selection Menu:

For more information, check out the official unreal engine forum support thread at: