FPS Tower Defense Toolkit v1.8 Dev Log #2: Focus Fire System

The upcoming v1.8 update for FPS Tower Defense Toolkit will introduce a Focus Fire system that enables the player to request all relevant towers to focus fire on a designated target. This system is driven by a component based approach, thus facilitating easy integration into any new towers that maybe added in the future.

The Focus Fire component will be added to the Laser Tower, Machine Gun Tower & the Sniper Tower by default as these are the three towers capable of focusing on a single target. Along with the associated Manual Target Override interface, this component serves the purpose of overriding any active target & focusing on a new target specified by the player, provided the target is within range.

The Tower Manager will keep a record of all actors that support manual target overrides & also acts as a conduit through which focus fire orders from the player get relayed to the relevant actors.

With this new system, the player will be able to play a more tactical role during the combat phase of the game. There are still a few more relatively minor changes to be implemented in the next update. More details will be made available soon.

For more details about the toolkit, check out the official Unreal Engine forum support thread at: https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?79300-FPS-Tower-Defense-Toolkit