Top Down Stealth Toolkit v1.4 Update Change Log

The v1.4 update for Top Down Stealth Toolkit has gone live on the Unreal Engine Marketplace:

v1.4 Update Summary:

1. Added two new weapons: Handgun & Silenced Handgun, thus providing the option to destroy AI bots instead of just temporarily disabling them. The implementation is handled through the Weapon Targeting System component introduced in the last update. Both these weapons functioning almost identically, with the exception that the Handgun produces a loud noise that could alert nearby patrol bots.

2. Since the aforementioned weapons introduce the possibility of AI bots being destroyed, the update introduces a new class of actors that act as replicas for the destroyed bots without the performance cost of the real bots that they replace. These Defunct Replica Bots are spawned with the same physical state as the original.

3. Added a new actor component 'Distress Signal Broadcaster' that can be added to any incapacitated bots or dead bot replicas, in order to alert nearby AI bots that are capable of responding to it. For example, an incapacitated patrol bot will use this component to continuously search for other patrol bots that are capable of reviving it. Once a suitable entity has been detected, it will be tasked with reviving the incapacitated bot.

4. Added a basic Main Menu system.

5. Moved the waypoint calculation logic for patrol bots to the new actor component 'BPC_PatrolWaypointSystem'.

6. Added Motion Sensors that can detect player movement & trigger alarms to alert nearby patrol bots.

Note: All changes within the blueprints are marked with the boolean variable 'Version1.4' in order to easily identify the workflow changes introduced with this update. Comments are also written to describe the major changes. The new variables as well as functions added to existing blueprints are also marked in the event graph as shown below:


Changes in the Content Browser:

- New actor components: BPC_DistressSignalBroadcaster & BPC_PatrolWaypointSystem.

- New blueprint interfaces: BPI_DistressSignalBroadcast & BPI_DistressSignalResponse.

- New actor blueprints: BP_DefunctCameraBotReplica, BP_DefunctPatrolBotReplica, BP_DefunctTurretBotReplica, & BP_MotionSensor.

- New static mesh: SM_MotionSensor.

- New material instance: MI_Basic_Red.

- New map: MainMenuMap.

- Added new entries to enum 'EWeapons'.

- Added new widget blueprint: Widget_MainMenu.

For more details about the Top Down Stealth Toolkit, check out the official Unreal Engine forum support thread at: