Thursday, April 30, 2015

Unreal Engine Experiments: Prototype Menu System v1.2 Update

The Prototype UMG Menu system is getting another update. Unlike the previous one, this is kind of a minor update focused on patching up some bugs and code optimizations. Keeping with the tradition established by Update 1, screenshots are provided to show the changes made to the code. This should help smooth out the transition to this update. Before we go to the matter at hand, here are the links to the previous posts and the thread in the Unreal Engine forums:

Unreal Engine DevLog #15: Basic Menu Interface using Unreal Motion Graphics

Unreal Engine DevLog #16: Prototype UMG Menu Update 1 [Free Source Code]

And here's a video demonstration of the menu system:

Changes in Update 2:

1) Fixed a bug that disabled removing pause menu through keyboard input.

2) Code and design optimizations for Scrollbar buttons in the video settings.

3) Supported resolutions now taken from the game instance class along with other default settings whenever needed. [Note: Using Rama's Victory plugin, you can get all supported resolutions and store it here if you don't want to use hard-coded default resolutions. I have tested it and it works smoothly]

Below listed are the changes to the different classes in detail:
  • Effects Quality Widget [Similar changes in AA Widget, Shadow Quality Widget, Textures Widget and Screen Resolution Widget]

  • Player Controller

  • In Game Actor

  • Video Options Screen Widget

Alright, so that covers all the changes made in this update. Here's the link to the updated source code in Git Hub: