VR Tips Compilation #2

As mentioned in the previous post, I've been collecting tips about working with VR from the Unreal Engine Livestreams & GDC Talks. This is the second of the two VR Tips Compilation posts, while the first one can be found here: https://unrealpossibilities.blogspot.in/2015/12/vr-tips-compilation-1.html

  • Using force grabs to get objects from the environment is a good alternative to actually having the player grab the object, due to the awkwardness & differences between how it works in real life, compared to the lack of physical feedback in games. Also adding to this factor is the design of the control device used to accept inputs.

  • Remove all motion blur effects as using them in your game can give rise to Simulation Sickness.

  • Since run & gun is generally not an option in VR games, teleportation is one of the interesting viable alternatives. But even here, it is better to slowly fade the screen to back & then fade everything back in at the new location, instead of instantaneously shifting the player from one place to another.

  • In Unreal Engine, it is better to use screen reflection captures & disable screen space reflections from the post processing features.