Saturday, April 29, 2017

Unreal Engine Tips & Tricks #12

1. Blueprint function libraries cannot be accessed from an Object class.

2. If you spawn a base 'Actor' using Spawn Actor from Class function, it's transform (or the individual sub components like location, rotation, & scale) cannot be modified.

3. The 'Get Game User Settings' node can be used to get the local machine settings like screen resolution, texture quality, etc, but this function returns the settings data from the memory & not from a permanent storage location like the hard disk. This means that if the player had used 'Save Settings' prior to this function call during the same instance of the game, it would not return the saved information.

4. The 'Load Settings' & 'Save Settings' function [accessed through the Get Game User Settings node] loads/saves settings data from/to the disk. While saving new data, it does not apply these settings parameters to the game. So it's generally used in scenarios where the player has to restart the game to see the desired effect.

5. The 'Apply Settings' function [again accessed through the Get Game User Settings node] on the other hand, takes the active game user settings from the memory, applies these to the game, & saves the information in a permanent storage location.