Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Unreal Engine Experiments: Borderlands 2 Damage Display System

I recently started working on some side projects during free time to experiment with & learn about interesting gameplay systems from my favorite games. And Borderlands 2, being high up on the list, I decided to create a working model of its Damage Display system using blueprints. It's finally done & here is a gif demonstration of the system:

The system uses widget components attached to dynamically spawned actors, to draw the text on screen space. Just as in the game, the floating damage texts move along a parabolic path, while the critical hit status text moves along a normal linear path in the upward direction. Both of them keep scaling up till a certain point along the path, & then start scaling down for the remainder of its journey, thus creating a sort of pop-out effect. Another factor that controls the scaling of the text display is the distance from the player character, thus increasing/decreasing its size [the text becomes less clear over long distances in the video, but is much crisper in the actual game instance] based on player movement.

The Damage Display System is being released for free [no attribution required] through Github at: https://github.com/RohitKotiveetil/UnrealEngine--DamageDisplaySystem.
So feel free to check it out, & use in your projects if you like it.