Saturday, March 10, 2018

Playing with Colors: Catalog I

A couple of weeks ago, I posted an article going into an in-depth account on the process of revamping the visual design of FPS Tower Defense Toolkit. As part of the said process, I experimented with various color schemes before finally settling on something that helped establish the theme of a virtual playground.

Perhaps due to this new experience, and partly as a result of a series of problems that pushed my life in various unexpected and adverse directions, I started looking at things from a whole array of new and exciting perspectives. And thus I stumbled upon the beautiful realm of color theory. So it was about a week ago, that I started toying with the idea of experimenting with different color schemes on a daily basis. Today marks the eighth day of this new experimental chapter, and I decided to archive my various forays into the unknown on a sort of weekly basis. I'm not exactly going with the idea of doing it on any specific day of the week, but rather having one catalog for every seven experiments. So today I present to you the first article of the new Playing with Colors series.

Colors: #ff0000 + #ffffff

Colors: #ff0000 + #000000

Colors: #ffff00 + #000000

Colors: #00ff00 + #0da6ff

Colors: #00ffff + #ff2c2c

Colors: #ffff00 + #00ffff

Colors: #6ead3a + #efedef + #254558

That's all there is for this week. As mentioned above, a new catalog will be published after the next seven experiments. Meanwhile, you can follow me on Twitter for a daily dose of color combination shots.