Wednesday, April 4, 2018

FPS Tower Defense Toolkit v3.1 Dev Log #2: Improvements to the Weighted Wave Spawning System

The v3.0 update of FPS Tower Defense Toolkit introduced the concept of a weighted wave spawning system. As part of the dev log for the same, I had covered potential methods for improving the system in the future. And one of those plans was to provide designers more control over when different types of AI start making their appearance over the course of a level.

The Weighted Wave Spawn Controller in its native form enabled automated generation of wave spawn patterns based on weighted probability distributions. By controlling the weightings for different AI classes, one could create randomized wave patterns using this system. It employed a system that ensured that only units with a certain threat rating relative to the active wave's threat rating will be allowed to spawn. Coupled with the option to specify if a certain type of unit could be spawned during a mission, it provided some amount of control over the randomness of the system.

However, a limitation still existed in the form of not being able to precisely determine when different types of units would start spawning. In order to negate this issue, I added a new parameter 'SpawnStartingFromWave:'.

If the 'CanBeSpawned?' parameter is set to true, then the spawn controller will now check for the new condition as well, thus providing designers with a tool to control the changes in wave constituency over time. I think this new feature will greatly increase the viability of using the weighted wave spawning system. And with that, we've come to the end of this dev log. The next and final v3.1 dev log will go over optimizations and bug fixes that will make it into the final release.