Saturday, January 17, 2015

Unreal Engine 4 Dev Update #8: New Rifle & Movement Animations

Hi, it's been a while since my last update on the implementation of an RTS camera system. Ironically, that was the part of the project that went through a major change over the past few weeks. More on that in the next update post. Meanwhile I've added the movement and aiming/firing animations from Epic's 'Animation Starter Pack' into my project. However I did not want to change all the character level code into the ASP character that came with the pack. So I just retargeted the skeletons and copied all those animations into my default player/AI characters. I had to create a few new blend spaces and make some changes to the Animation Blueprint, but finally I got the new movement animations up & running without much trouble. It's mainly a matter of getting used to blend spaces and the basic flow setup of animation blueprints. I would recommend the following tutorial series by Epic for anyone having trouble with this matter:

Getting Started: Introduction to Blueprint 3rd Person Game Creation

Anyways, attached below is a recording of the new movement animations in action. It looks so much better now that they actually move around like they have some purpose. Until now, it just seemed like triggered Brownian motions, there wasn't much sense in why the character was running around like that.

I have not done any new recording lately. However I do have a few screenshot around showing some of my work in progress since I uploaded this video. One among them, being the fact that I added the awesome Assault Rifle from the 'First Person Shooter' project in the marketplace. Attaching the weapon to my character did not take much time, but implementing those animations wasn't that easy the first time around. The method that I've implemented is not very efficient. I hope to rectify it once I move the AI code into Behavior Trees. And oh yea, I have added an AI of sorts, actually the most basic AI possible in there right now. I thought of adding the video here, but I'll add it in the next post. This post is already big enough for one of my normal dev updates. But first here are a couple of screenshots of the awesome Assault Rifle getting ready for action:

Locked & Loaded

Training Drill

So looking at the dates, I realize that I'm kind of lagging behind on my dev updates. So anyways, here's a shot of it in action. Added in a muzzle flash as well. Went overboard with a laser at some point as well, but I'm not using it until I get my Aim Offset correct. I keep putting it off since I'm really not interested in working on animations. I'll probably do it when I've taken care of the rest of the interesting/cool stuff. Or as we all know, if it becomes absolutely necessary.

Finally some theatricality and deception. However no moving bullets.

Well that's going to be the last screenshot with those textures and lighting effects. The project is going naked from here on. No more fancy reflections beaming off of the ground material or totally out of fashion materials on the character models. Just the bare minimum from here on. Unless I go prehistoric with the project, I don't think my PC can handle recording videos while running the editor in the background. Besides those were temporary materials anyways.

Anyways, feel free to check out my Youtube channel for more videos. And do subscribe if you feel that they're interesting. Nothing much is gonna happen in those videos, for now. But I hope things will get more interesting as I move on to AI & Turn-Based Logic. So, more videos will be coming up soon, and hopefully some tutorials in the blog as well before I myself forget what I've been doing. So here's a link to my channel:

Stormrage256' Youtube Channel

With that, I end this post. Feel free to comment below or mail me, if you need help regarding anything related to my work. And as usual, I hope to have a next post up soon.

Signing out.

------------------End of Captain's Log - 17th Jan 2015 (way behind schedule :|)-----------------