Friday, February 9, 2018

Top Down Stealth Toolkit FAQ #1

Q: I noticed that the turrets are disabled when I start a new game. But then they sometimes get activated over the course of a game. Why is it behaving this way, and how can it be enabled right at the start of a mission?

A: The turret AI in Top Down Stealth Toolkit is set to a deactivated state by default. This is an intended feature designed to showcase the use of automated security devices as a form of backup system for the AI. The default behavior is to activate them once the Global Alert Level escalates to Stage I, which is why they seem to get turned on sometimes during the mission.

However, this design is not set in stone, and it can easily be modified to have the turrets turned on at the start of a level. If you want all turrets to be activated by default, open up the 'BP_AutomatedSurveillance_Turret' blueprint and set the 'UseDelayedInitializationModel' variable to False. Basically, this variable determines if an AI agent gets enabled by default, or on a need basis over the course of a mission. On the other hand, if you want only certain turrets placed in the level to be turned on, then just select those actors in the editor and set the aforementioned variable (check the screenshot below) to False through their details panels.