Tower Defense Starter Kit for Unreal Engine Marketplace

The Tower Defense Starter Kit is a pure blueprint framework that enables quick & easy creation of Tower Defense games. The toolkit is now available in the Unreal Engine Marketplace for $29.99:

Preview Screenshots:

  • Top Down Camera view with panning, edge scrolling & smooth/step zoom support.
  • Seven types of Towers: MachineGun, Shockwave, Laser, Sniper, Artillery, Boost, & Mining Tower.
  • Five types of Enemy AI: Tank, Healer, Runner, Ranged, & Tower Disabler.
  • Tower Abilities: Overdrive & Repair.
  • Global Abilities: Airstrike & Tower Guardians.
  • Three types of AI Wave Generation systems, with support for endless waves & repeating wave cycles with dynamically escalating difficulties.
  • Automated resource allocation between waves provide players with the abilty to Build, Upgrade, & Sell towers.
  • Supports custom spline based multi-lane paths as well as the default nav mesh based pathing system. Sample maps included to demonstrate the working of each type of system.
  • Includes a loadout menu at level start with player driven tower selection.
  • Modular Grid Generators with drag & drop support to create grid cells for tower placement.
  • A Main menu system that supports level selection & persistent map unlocks across multiple sessions.

Technical Detail:
  • The Wave Manager allows complete customization of waves through parameters like EnemyType, NumberOfUnits, SpawnPoint, SpawnDelay, etc.
  • Data driven approach through user defined arrays enable easy customization of the Towers, Tower Abilities, & Global Abilities.
  • Variables are categorized into 'User Defined' & 'Automatically Set' to facilitate identification of customizable parameters.
  • The Enemy/Tower/Tower Guardian AI & Tower/Global Abilities are driven through modular components, thus facilitating the creation of new types of AI bots & abilities with ease.
  • The Game Mode handles initialization of all core gameplay actors from a single central location using a linear workflow design.
  • The Player Controller acts as a conduit for all low level HUD update requests, while the Game Instace & HUD classes manage high level HUD changes.
  • AI Spawn Points support precached & runtime generation of randomized spawning locations.
  • Event driven logic used predominantly over continuously ticking services for HUD updates.
  • Blueprint function library employed to easily retrieve references to core gameplay actors from all blueprints.
  • All static Tower parameters are store in a centralized Tower Data Array, thus requiring only dynamic parameters such as DPS, Range, etc to be stored in the tower actors.
  • The Tower Selection menu is populated dynamically based on information specified in the Tower Data Array, thus eliminating the need for manual HUD changes when adding/removing towers.

Intended Platform: Windows

Optimized for: Unreal Engine v4.15

Preview Video:

All further details about the toolkit will be updated in the official Unreal Engine forum support thread: