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Tower Defense Starter Kit Tutorial: How to add new levels to the Level Selection Menu

The Tower Defense Starter Kit comes equipped with a level selection menu that enables players to choose from a list of levels as shown below:

The toolkit contains three playable maps & one main menu map by default, & supports usage of new custom maps as well. The following steps go over the process of adding your own custom levels into the toolkit:

1. Create a new custom level from the Content Browser.

2. Open the 'BP_GameInstance' blueprint within the Blueprints folder & select the variable 'LevelDataArray'. It should have four entries by default: one for the main menu & three for the sample maps. To add our new custom map, first add a new element to this array.

Each element of this struct array contains the following attributes: ID, ScreenName, FileName, Image, & Unlocked. The ID is used to set the level number, starting with '0' for the main menu level. It is not used for any calculations & serves only to provide a means for classificatio…