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Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial #4: Basic HUD Based Command UI for Top Down Turn Based Games

Hi, welcome back for the next tutorial. And in this tutorial, I'll be explaining how to create a basic Command UI for top down turn based games using HUD blueprints. By the time we reach the end of the tutorial, we'll have a Command UI with movement and fire action commands, and a player character that responds to the commands. Here's a screenshot showing the end product: 

Oh, and this tutorial is gonna be quite big, compared to earlier ones. So I advise everyone to go through the screenshots, before reading through. If it's clear, there's no need to read through the whole thing, partly because I've written this with a beginner audience target in mind. Ofcourse, if you have doubts, I hope they will be clarified in the written description. If not, feel free to ask me in the comments.
So let's get started. Again, I'll be starting with the top down template. First of all, we need to create a new HUD blueprint. If you're a beginner, you can find this by f…

Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial #3: Unit Selection Decals for RTS Games

Hi, welcome back for another UE4 Tutorial. This time, I'll be walking you through how to set up unit selection decals for RTS games. So the decals need to be visible, when a particular unit is selected, and set to hidden as soon as the unit is deselected. For this tutorial, I'm gonna start off from the Unreal Top Down Template.

First of all, I'll be changing the default controls a bit. Instead of using left mouse button to move the units, I'll be using right mouse button for character movement. I already have a decal texture, that I created in GIMP. If you don't have one, you could get my decal texture from the link below:
DropBox: Character Selection Decal Texture
So once you have the texture ready, next step is to set up your decal material. For creating a decal material, we need to set the 'Material Domain' in the details panel to 'Deferred Decal'. I'm also setting the blend mode to 'Emissive' in my case. Then we multiply the texture wit…

Unreal Engine 4 Dev Update #9: Navigation Path Display for Pawn Movement

In one of the earlier dev updates, I had written about the movement grid system that I had implemented. If you haven't checked it out yet, here's a link:

Unreal Engine 4 Dev Update #5: HUD based Command UI, Grid based movement system & Dynamically Spawning Grids

Basically all the pawns in the game are moving based on grids of 100x100 units. In it's current form, it only works for plane surfaces. I'll have to modify it to meet the requirements for curved surfaces, but for now, it's working fine for prototyping on flat surfaces.

Unlike most Turn-Based games, where units moving from one grid to another travel along the path connecting the grid centers, I plan to have free movement between the grids. This is very similar to what was implemented in XCOM: Enemy Unknown. I feel that free movement is the way to go for Turn-Based shooters, as otherwise, the movement feels very constrained. As a result, I'm using Unreal Engine's default navigation system, instead of…

Unreal Engine 4 Dev Update #8: New Rifle & Movement Animations

Hi, it's been a while since my last update on the implementation of an RTS camera system. Ironically, that was the part of the project that went through a major change over the past few weeks. More on that in the next update post. Meanwhile I've added the movement and aiming/firing animations from Epic's 'Animation Starter Pack' into my project. However I did not want to change all the character level code into the ASP character that came with the pack. So I just retargeted the skeletons and copied all those animations into my default player/AI characters. I had to create a few new blend spaces and make some changes to the Animation Blueprint, but finally I got the new movement animations up & running without much trouble. It's mainly a matter of getting used to blend spaces and the basic flow setup of animation blueprints. I would recommend the following tutorial series by Epic for anyone having trouble with this matter:

Getting Started: Introduction to Blu…