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Unreal Engine Tutorial: How to use curves to control the prices of in-game items

Hi, welcome back for another tutorial. This time around, we're going to learn how to use curves to control the price of an item over time. I'm going to start with the Third Person template that is available by default in the Unreal Engine. 

First of all, we need to create a Float Curve along which we will plot the price of the item relative to time. To do so, just right click on the content browser, then select Miscellaneous >> Curve & choose the Float Curve option. Now open it up & add some points in the graph to define a curve. This can be done by right clicking anywhere on the graph & selecting 'Add key to curve'. Also in order to set accurate values, just click on the point & set 'Time' & 'Value' according to your requirements on the top left corner. I'm using the following values for this tutorial:

Time = 0; Value = 1
Time = 2; Value = 2
Time = 4; Value = 1

You may notice that it will generate a very sharp curve by default.…