Top Down Stealth Toolkit v4.10 Basics: Skills & Gadgets

[The following information is based on the v4.10 of the Top Down Stealth Toolkit & hence may not remain entirely relevant in later versions. For information regarding the implementation of Skills & Gadgets in the latest version of the toolkit, check out this post in the official support thread in the Unreal Engine forums]

The player character in the Top Down Stealth Toolkit is equipped with skills & gadgets to deal with the AI guards. By default, the player can select one skill & one gadget from the 'BP_PlayerCharacter' blueprint before playing a level. The variables 'ActiveSkill' & 'ActiveGadget' can be used to select the active skill/gadget. The default input buttons for the same are 'Q' & 'F' respectively.

Skills: Skills are abilities that can be used unlimited number of times.

1. Whistle: The Whistle skill can be used to distract guards within a certain radius of the player to the whistle origin location. The affected distance depends on the 'Loudness' variable of the noise within the 'MakeFootstep/WhistleNoise' function. The formula for the noise to AI Perception distance is mentioned within the function. 

Gadgets: Gadgets are abilities that can be used only a limited number of times. The number of gadget activations remaining is displayed through the UI element for the same. Gadgets also have a cooldown interval during which it cannot be used. The default number of activations can be specified using the 'NumberOfGadgetActivationsLeft' variable in the 'BP_TDST_GameMode'.

1. Camera Jammer: The Camera Jammer gadget can be used to deactivate all camera bots within a certain range of the player, for a limited period of time. The jammer range can be specified through the 'CameraJammerRange' variable.

2. Proximity Shockmine: The Proximity Shockmine is a deployable actor that deactivates the first patrol bot to pass through it, for a limited period of time. The functional logic for the same can be found within the 'BP_ProximityShockmine' blueprint.

3. Stun Gun: The Stun Gun can be used to permanently deactivate the targeted patrol bot, until it is detected by other patrol bots. Unlike the other gadgets, the stun gun requires manual targeting using the mouse cursor. Splines are used to provide visual aim assists from the player towards the target. The functions 'Activate/DeactivateStunGun' & 'UpdateAimSplineLocation' contain the functional logic for this gadget.