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Random Sketches

Just a collection of my recent sketches. They were all sketched with pencil/pen and later edited digitally to add highlights/motion blur etc.

Raptor Strike Suit from Strike Suit Infinity

Kid Gohan from DBZ

Goku from DBZ

How to export models from Blender to Skyrim

About a few days back, I decided to try out Skyrim's Creation Kit during my free time. I had bought Skyrim during last year's Steam Winter Sales. Back then, I played it for a while, but never got to finish the game. I think I hit up the Creation Kit a couple of times, but didn't go ahead since I knew nothing about it. And it looked vastly different from UDK. So this time, I checked out a few tutorials in youtube before diving into Creation Kit. For starters, I checked out the tutorial series by BestinSlot. It covered the basics required for making your own mod with custom quests, dungeons, etc. And he does a good job of explaining how to start working with the Creation Kit. You can find the playlist over here:

I did not go through all of those tutorials. Just the areas that I wanted to focus on for now. And then I started looking for tutorials on how to export my Blender models into Skyrim. Surprisingly, in spite of h…