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Top Down Stealth Toolkit v4.10 Basics: Vision Arcs

[The following information is based on the v4.10 of the Top Down Stealth Toolkit & hence may not remain entirely relevant in later versions. For information regarding the implementation of vision arcs in the latest version of the toolkit, check out this post in the official support thread in the Unreal Engine forums:]

The vision arcs in Top Down Stealth Toolkit are created using custom meshes & updated at runtime to match & resize based on the obstacles in their path. The vision arcs serve the aesthetic purposes of AI threat detection, while the functional part is executed elsewhere, thus serving as two modular parts that make up a whole. As a result, it is possible to edit the base properties of the vision arcs without worrying about AI logic. 

The vision arcs exist as parts within the AI Bot logic. The following parameters can be used to edit their propertie…