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Tower Defense Starter Kit Tutorial: How to create custom Towers

The following information is based on the v1.6 edition of Tower Defense Starter Kit & hence may not remain entirely relevant in later versions. For more information about the toolkit, check out the official support thread in the Unreal Engine forums:]

The Tower Defense Starter Kit comes equipped with seven types of Tower classes that all derive from the parent blueprint 'BP_Tower_Parent'. As the name suggests, this tutorial goes over the process of adding your own new customized Towers into the mix.

1. First we're going to have to create a new Tower class. To keep things simple, I'm just going to duplicate one of the existing Tower classes named 'BP_ShockwaveTower' & name it 'BP_CustomShockwaveTower'.

If you want to create a tower from scratch, you can do so by creating a child class derived from the 'BP_Tower_Parent' class. The only extra step in…